Welcome to The Farm to Fork Capital

Sacramento is The Farm To Fork Capital, officially declared by the city way back in 2012. From I-5 you can see Farm To Fork Capital proudly proclaimed on the water tower, and we all love the Annual Farm To Fork Festival, but what does it really mean? To us at Taylor’s Market it means, first and foremost, supporting local farmers. This comes naturally to us, as we know first hand what it means to farm.

Our customers reap the benefits of this Farm To Fork philosophy. They get better tasting, fresher food and ingredients that haven’t been trucked in from great distances. Our local economy is strengthened as local farmers make more profit for their produce, local businesses flourish and local jobs are created.

Farm To Fork fits in with our environmental goals as well, supporting sustainable practices. Less miles traveled by truck not only means fresher food, it means less Co2 emissions. The local farms we are supporting engage in sustainable farming practices, with less pollution, greater crop diversity, and a reduction in pesticide use.

Sourcing Food

Of course, what matters the most to our customers is the great food available in our markets. We’re fortunate that Sacramento is situated perfectly for Taylor’s Market’s Farm To Fork philosophy. We have more than 1.5 million acres of farms around the city allowing us to stock our shelves and cases with locally grown and produced products, like TONS of local beers, locally grown Ray Yeung tomatoes, coffee from Two Seeds Coffee, Tule’s Cookies’ granola, local wines, breads, and you won’t get much more local than the beehive we maintain right in the backyard of Taylor’s Market or the apples from our own Pico Farms.

What we’re not able to get from here in our own community, we still try to get from smaller producers in nearby towns, like Cheese from Napa/Sonoma or Stemple Creek grass fed beef, but we will always feature and promote our local items first, on our meat counter, in our front end caps, and in our signage in the store, and on windows and doors.

Farm to Fork Festival 2021

Taylor’s Market loves participating in the Farm To Fork Festival every year, which gathers farmers and chefs to showcase the best grown/made food and wine in Sacramento. This year was no different as our butchers Danny and Paul presented a butchering demo at the Festival this past weekend. As Captain and Co-captain of our World Butcher Team they look forward to the World Butcher Challenge coming back to Farm to Fork next year at Golden 1.

Our head butcher, Danny, has 40 years of experience. This is one of the reasons we’re able to give you the best local meat. If you’re interested in learning the basics of butchering, Danny teaches Taylor’s Market Butchering 101.

Come experience Farm to Fork philosophy in action at The Farm To Fork Festival or visit us at Taylor’s Market to see, and taste, the goodness for yourself.