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For thousands of years, their ancestors lived in the oak forests, rolling hills and grasslands of the Capay Valley, tending the natural resources, following traditional wisdom and creating eternal bonds with the land. Today the Tribe is known as the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, named for their ancestral village meaning ‘Home by the Spring Water.’ As they strive to preserve their language and the legacy of their ancestors, they continue to grow as a people and tend this fertile valley that is home to their culture, history and tradition.  Nestled between the Napa and Sacramento Valleys, the Capay Valley is a tranquil agricultural region with a climate similar to the Mediterranean. Mild winters, long hot summers and undulating well-drained soils provide the ideal environment for cultivating the most fragrant olive groves.  Making the most of their prime location, they harvest 82 acres of super high density Arbequina olive trees. Séka Hills estate grown olives are harvested with care at the peak of ripeness. And each year they work with nearby olive growers to produce limited quantities of other varietal extra virgin olive oils. Delivered immediately after picking to our Séka Hills Olive Mill, our clean, fresh fruit produces the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

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