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Excellency. A double meaning title for this particular product: Sua Eccellenza (Your Excellency), as the ambassadors of the Duchy of Modena were addressed to, and Eccellenza (Excellency) meaning an Excellent product.

Since the rules of the Consorzio of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena allow only a limited number of bottles a year to bear the Seal of Quality, many of the traditional producers bottle a limited amount of balsamico under the Condimento Balsamico category and label. This means that the product has not undergone the scrutiny nor the very limited quota of the Traditional consortium and therefore, reflects the quality standards of the Leonardi family.

Syrupy as a chocolate sauce. Shades of brown with bright mirror refflections. Aromas of grapes, apples and caramel with a well-balanced hint of wild flower honey and maple syrup. Rich and vibrant on the tongue with a sudden lively finish. Sweet and sour in the front of the mouth and in the back with evolving caramel flavors, raisins and fresh cherries.

Enjoy it in its purest form on top of beef Carpaccio –instead of the classic Harry’s Bar sauce–,as a finishing touch to charcoal grilled fillet mignon and especially spit-roasted squab, quail and guinea fowl. Particularly suited to drizzle over a baked pear, grilled apples as well as peaches. Bring blueberries alive with a little pour over them along a scoop of vanilla gelato.

Weight: 48oz

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