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A very unique oil for the olive oil lover. Bright green color with yellow undertones. Strong aromas of green olives, fresh almonds and artichokes precede a delicate sweetness and fruity aftertaste unlike any of our other oils. Succulent and overpowering with a very assertive olive flavor.

Gaetano Schiralli’s family began producing extra virgin olive oil in 1922 on the hills of Bitetto, 16 kilometers south-east of Bari on the road to Altamura. The small family farm has more than 8,000 olive trees spread over 20 perfectly manicured hectares surrounded by the typical stone-walls of Puglia.

Adhering to the ancient tradition of respecting the land and all it has to offer, Gaetano Schiralli’s Crudo extra virgin olive oil is made from olives grown, harvested and pressed on site using the continuous cycle production method. This process minimizes oxidation and produces an oil rich in polyphenols, bright green in color with strong yellow undertones. After a few weeks of decantation in stainless-steel tanks, the oil is bottled at the estate.

Region: Bitetto, Puglia Olive cultivars: 100% Ogliarola

Weight: 96oz

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