Strianese - Italy

The AGRICONSERVE REGA Soc. Coop. Agr. canned food company with offices and plant in Striano (NAPLES) Italy, was born in the 1987 with “STRIANESE” and “REGA” brand, following to the long experience completed during the years by the REGA family since the 1965.

After a long experience accumulated in the fields, through the ancestors, that before to be farmers, was just suppliers of freshSan Marzano tomatoes to the canned tomatoes industries in the Sarnese Nocerino Area, the Rega family decided to start in the 1965 the tomatoes manufacturing and the first tomatoes they packed was the SAN MARZANO one’s.

By Rega family, only the tomatoes from this small plot of land named Sarnese Nocerino Area, were the best one’s; the reasons are linked to the nearness of this area to the foot of Vesuvius, that in the last eruption conferred to the lands an extraordinary fertility; to the climate and to the several small sources of pure water; this sources born from the Sarno Valley and the basin of Lavorate; it goes across the whole area and the farmers use that water to irrigate the lands. All this reasons, make this part of the Campania Region the natural habitat for a supreme quality of San Marzano tomato DOP.

Just in this oasis of fertility that the Rega’s established in the 1999 a new modern industrial complex that it extend on an area of around 30.000 mqs; they make use of a modern structure help and an advanced manufacturing plant in the full respect of the environment.

They also have a modern laboratory composed by persons highly specialized that assure an high respect of qualitatives standards.

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