Grilling Gourmet Style

Summer is here! It’s the perfect time to get out the grill, and start perfecting some recipes with gourmet food and wine. Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue, a 4th of July party or are just having dinner with your family or friends, you can make the most out of the season and your grill with a few simple techniques from the best gourmet food market in Sacramento.

Grilling is great for cooking tender cuts of beef, poultry, fish and vegetables. While traditional barbecuing is done at lower temperatures, resulting in a slow pace and plenty of smoke, grilling uses higher temperatures to sear the item you’re cooking and therefore maintain juiciness. Grilling is considered healthier because the heat causes the fat to drip into the fire. Start with a clean grill—you don’t want any remnants of your last meal to ruin the taste of your next one. Keep in mind that the best time to remove residue is directly after you finish grilling. Spray or brush the grill with vegetable oil before you heat it up to prevent anything from sticking. When you head to the gourmet food market to choose your cuts, select ones that are not too thick so that the outside doesn’t burn and give it an acrid taste. Why ruin some amazing gourmet food and the wine you bought to go along with it? The goal is to make dinner, not start a fire.

Make sure that the grill is hot before you start—experts recommend pre-heating it for 15 to 30 minutes before start cooking. If you’re grilling beef, you may want to cut off any excess fat. Season or marinade your cuts before grilling, and with chicken, pre-cook it beforehand to reduce grilling time. Bring all items to room temperature before your toss them on the grill.

Those are the basics for getting started. Click here to choose some delicious gourmet food and wine for your meal.

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