Greenlee's Bakery

Over 80 years ago the Greenlee’s family took pride in producing what they and many of their customers thought was the perfect cinnamon bread. They nurtured and held to their beliefs that if you use the finest ingredients and don’t rush the process that their breads would withstand the test of time. With all natural ingredients and a handmade process that they knew would be very difficult to duplicate, they were right.

Today, several generations later Greenlee’s Best Cinnamon Bread kept that tradition alive and well. We still only use the finest all natural ingredients and have kept that same old fashion process as the cornerstone of who we are. Greenlee’s BestCinnamon Bread and More is proud to offer this bread as it was many years ago, just as if it was coming out of mom’s oven.
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

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