GEO Academy Grant High School Salsa

The GEO Environmental Science and Design Academy provides strong academic coursework and real world based projects that deepen students’ appreciation of our environment and its natural resources. Students gain the knowledge and skills to actively improve their community and protect the environment. The GEO Academy curriculum prepares students for entrance into four year universities and green collar careers in the following pathways: Environmental Science, Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Design, Community Nutrition and Green Business.

The Salsa Business Class is run by GEO Academy students at Grant Union High School. In our Salsa Business Class we have four teams:  sales, marketing, operations, and finance. The sales teamorganizes classmates to sell at the farmer's market and checks stock levels at local grocery stores. Themarketing team conducts surveys and designs advertising materials, while the finance teammembers prepare deposits and use QuickBooks, and the operations team does inventory and procures items needed for product demos. 

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