Earth & Vine Provsions

In 1997, Earth & Vine embarked on a culinary adventure we called Earth & Vine Provisions.

With Ron and Tressa Cooper’s appreciation for all natural, whole foods, local farmers and a time honored tradition of preserving, they knew that this gift of great tasting food had to be shared with the rest of the world.

Their passion and commitment to bring the very best of nature to the tables of America meant that there would be no place for preservatives or anything artificial added.

Their products evoke the natural simplicity of our environment. You can use the sauces, jams and condiments straight from the jar as well as create gourmet meals, or enhance any dish.

Earth & Vine Provisions offers something for everyone: from the beginner cook, busy mom or advanced gourmet chef. They are committed to making food taste great and having fun in the kitchen. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients (utilizing as much California grown ingredients as possible.)

Today Earth & Vine Provisions offers more than 60 jams, sauces, beverage elixirs and dressings. Some of which are International award winners.