Derby Day with Gourmet Food and Wine

The Kentucky Derby is almost here—what better way to celebrate than with a gourmet food and wine fete? An event that is steeped in such rich tradition is an ideal party theme, and offers plenty of opportunities to wow your guests while you have a great time hosting. By using gourmet groceries to make all your party foods and desserts, you’ll be sure that your flavors are authentic and that quality will be high.

You’ll need to make a pit stop at our gourmet food store pronto to make sure you have everything you need to execute the perfect menu and libations to fit this special occasion. Kentucky Derby cuisine is very distinct, consisting of southern flavor and lots of bourbon incorporated in everything from cocktails to desserts. Visit Taylor’s Market to find all the fixings you need for anything from a backyard barbecue to an elegant brunch.

An important aspect of any Derby party that just can’t be overlooked is betting on the horses. Set up a pool for everyone to join in on and some other betting games that will be easy and fun for your guests. Make the betting amounts as low risk as possible so that anyone can bet whether or not they know anything about the horses or the race. To make the party ultra-festive, suggest people wear their own versions of derby hats and offer a prize for the most innovative one. Jersey silks are another fun theme—while no one will probably have jersey silks in their closet, you can suggest that everyone wear that favorite colors in silk to the party. While we may not have any hats or silks at our gourmet food store, we have everything else you’ll need to make it a perfect day.

Kentucky Derby party foods are the best part of the day, next to the actual race—gourmet food and wine aficionados will be in heaven with all the unique and delicious appetizers, desserts and libations, such as the traditional Mint Julep, which is a blend of sweetened bourbon with fresh mint. Fresh mimosas are also a great choice to serve, and of course, have lots of bourbon for your guests!

To weave tradition into your party in a legitimate way, you’ll definitely need some gourmet groceries so that you can make desserts like Kentucky Bourbon Fudge Pie, Derby Pie and Bourbon Balls. In addition, you’ll want to make Kentucky Hot Browns with roasted turkey breast, Benedictine spread made with cucumber, cream cheese, onion and green food coloring, and an absolute derby favorite, Burgoo.

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