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Tailgating with Gourmet Food and Wine

Tailgating with Gourmet Food and WineFootball season is here—that means tailgating, BBQs and lazy Sundays. While these affairs are usually pretty casual and laid back, with some gourmet food and wine, the whole experience can be taken to entirely new levels.  Enjoying the company of friends, family and your favorite team, combined with excellent food and drinks, makes game day one that everyone looks forward to.

At a visit to one of your favorite gourmet grocery stores or our online gourmet food store, upgrade your tailgate party with some upscale munchies. Let the imported beer flow alongside some popcorn, chips and dips, but also break out some gourmet food and wine and team-color cocktails. Give the chip tray a different spin by adding some black bean, white bean, seven-layer, three cheese or blue cheese dip.

Up the ante on the appetizer platter—add some hummus and pita, sliced veggies, shrimp cocktail and devilled eggs. You can also serve water table crackers with some scrumptious cheese balls. Another favorite appetizer is spinach dip, which can be served with chips as well as bread.
For a wide selection of goodies for the grill, visit one of your favorite gourmet grocery stores for your traditional burgers, steaks, hot dogs and chicken. You can also change it up as with some bratwurst, pork ribs, ahi and salmon.

Grill up some fresh vegetables like corn on the cob, bell peppers and asparagus. If there are any vegetarians in attendance at your shindig, you can grill up a veggie burger or some larger Portabello mushrooms to make faux burgers with.

For dessert, try something fun like sports-themed sugar cookies frosted in team colors or traditional favorites like chocolate chip cookies. Other no-brainers are team spirit cupcakes, peanut brittle and some specialty brownies—there are plenty of choices you can find in our selection of online gourmet food.

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