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Summer Pairings of Gourmet Food and Wine

Summer brings so many options for pairings of gourmet food and wine. The season allows you to think outside the box and think bigger than your typical wine and cheese combinations. With a little creativity and some basic knowledge of which wines go well together with which types of food, you’ll be able to wow your guests with some vibrant and unique selections.

It’s the ideal time to hit up your favorite gourmet food market so you can take advantage of the wide array of fresh seasonal produce. With all the fruit and vegetables you have to choose from, you’re sure to find something to please every type of wine lover, from the novice to the connoisseur.

A surprisingly scrumptious coupling of gourmet food and wine is chardonnay with sweet summer corn. Try a nice buttery California Chard to accentuate the sweet taste of the corn.

If you’re a rosé lover, try a nice dry one with some vine ripened tomatoes. The acidity of the rosé will pair well with that of the tomatoes.  

When you choose sweet fruits at your visit to the gourmet food market, make sure to select a sweet wine as well. Ports go well with fruits such as apples, melons and pears.

A unique and refreshing pairing option is to pair Prosecco with a salad of avocados, mangos and baby greens—this will be the most perfect summer salad imaginable. Another produce item that goes well with Prosecco, that usually clashes with other wines, is asparagus. Grilled or fresh, this will be an undeniably effervescent match. Also check out our selection of sparkling wines available at our grocery stores in Sacramento for some interesting choices.

Some other surprising options that customers of our grocery stores in Sacramento often recommend during summer are avocados with dry Rieslings, salmon or tuna with a Merlot and red wines with your favorite type of meat to throw on the grill.

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