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Healthy Gourmet Food and Wine

It’s that time of year—people all across the country are ramping up their workouts and revising their diets with the goal of getting in shape for spring and summer. While for some this means deprivation, if you’re a gourmet food and wine lover, you have plenty of options that won’t interfere with your plans to get fit and healthy.

Whether you like to shop for gourmet food online or prefer to head into a store, you can find lots of ways to satisfy your refined gourmet taste without compromising your diet plans. Fish is typically a good choice, as it is an excellent source of lean protein, which is an essential component of weight loss programs, and is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, aka “healthy fats.” Try grilling or braising salmon, ahi or halibut with low-fat marinades or recipes for sauces such as ginger and plum, lemon and dill, or lemon and cilantro.


One of the easy parts of shopping for your gourmet food online is that you can look up recipes while you simultaneously shop for the ingredients. However, some people prefer to visit the specialty grocery store, so they can actually look at the produce and meat selections in person. Either way, you can find the highest quality ingredients and get ideas for your next healthy meal. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of all the delicious spring produce available—you can make a refreshing salad or fruit bowl that will satisfy both your appetite and gourmet taste buds. Note: skip the fattening dressings and opt for a healthy, aged balsamic vinegar instead.

Some excellent suggestions for meals that some of our favorite gourmet food and wine aficionados shared with us include lentil and black bean salad, cucumbers with dill and Greek yogurt, roasted beets with fennel, halibut with cilantro ginger sauce, maple glazed salmon with lentils, salmon squash risotto, pumpkin-crusted trout, seared ahi with asparagus salsa and tuna with wasabi pea crust, among many others. Get creative and experiment with healthy gourmet recipes—you’ll never have to feel deprived again and will still fit into your bathing suit!

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