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Gourmet Halloween Treats

One of the most fun and exciting holidays of the year is here! Why not celebrate Halloween treats gourmet style? In one visit to a gourmet food market, you can add some festive flair to holiday parties or even just your family dinner.

If you’re thinking about giving some gifts to your loved ones, then consider making a Halloween gift basket filled with gourmet food and wine. Instead of junk food, add some gourmet popcorn and imported chocolates to bring a little sophistication to the standard trick-or-treat candy.

Another great gift idea for the Halloween season that doesn’t have to include gourmet food and wine is a chocolate and coffee basket. Imported chocolates and gourmet coffee, tea and hot chocolate make for the perfect combination this time of year.  Some Italian cookies are also a great way to stray for the norm while stiff offering a gift of sweets.

If you have an office party, come in to our gourmet food market for some ideas of what to bring. Instead of regular sodas, try something unique and refreshing, like River City Blueberry Lemonade soda.

If you’re having you’re a Halloween party at your house, set up a platter of gourmet groceries: try some delicious fall produce, imported cheese, Saag's Pistachio Liver Pate and an array of whole wheat crackers. Bring out some unique baked goods or discover a strong chocolate and wine pairing to tantalize your guest’s taste buds.

Don’t stop at the selection of gourmet groceries and sweets—set up a spooky table by draping black velvet or taffeta over the table, and use dark flowers for decoration such a black dahlias or calla lilies. Be sure to stock up on some dark beverages such as red wine, and if you’re feeling really daring, make some black vodka martinis. Throw in some skull candles and you’ve got an entirely new type of Halloween fete.

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