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Gourmet Food and Wine: The Alchemy of Wine

Taylor’s is very proud of our wine selection, both in-house and among our array of online gourmet food items. That’s why we are more than happy to share some tips with our customers on the joys of gourmet food and wine and what you can learn certain items over time. 

Wine doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive for it to be enjoyable—nor does it need to be kept or aged for a significant length of time. Any collector and gourmet grocery aficionado will tell you that while most wines can last for several years, they don’t necessarily improve with time. Those who are serious about wine will take the time to learn about the types that actually do get better over the years and which actually can last decades.

If you’re curious about making the most of high-end food and wine, then do some experimenting. For example, you can visit your local gourmet grocery store and pick up a case or two of wine. Store the bottles for a few years and perhaps sample one a year to see what changes about the contents. Whether it’s amazing one year and terrible the next, you’ll definitely learn something about the process. If you like to buy online gourmet food, you can always visit specialized sites to try different aged wines and learns about each. 

What happens to wine as its aged is a complex process that not everything is known about. As the wine molecules separate and break apart, others form long chains that can be so complex and heavy that they actually drop out as sediment. As the minute amount of air in the bottle dissolves into the wine, the acids and sugars transform and affect the flavor, aroma, texture and color.

Enjoy the experimentation, as no matter the age, the wine may taste different than it did the first time around. The alchemy of aging wine offers an incredibly enjoyable experience that can evoke nostalgia and memories of good times past. Savor it!

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