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Gifting with Gourmet Food and Wine

The holidays are the perfect time of year to show your friends, coworkers and loved ones your appreciation with the best gift possible—gourmet food and wine. You can actually fulfill all your business gifting needs as well in one trip to a gourmet food market, whether you’re shopping for your corporate clients, mom and pop vendors or any other type of business associates you need holiday gift ideas for.

Gourmet food baskets are always an excellent way to celebrate the holidays. You can buy pre-packaged baskets filled with classic gourmet items or tailor them specifically when you know the exact preferences of your recipients. It doesn’t matter if you browse some of the grocery stores in Sacramento or check out online gourmet food selections from the comfort of your own home—you will definitely get a ton of ideas! From baskets filled with chocolate, cakes and cookies from all over the world to spirits, gourmet waffles and aged balsamic vinegar, there is something for everyone in the gourmet world.

If you want to veer away from the traditional basket route, a selection of sweets can also be an awesome gift—try the Cookies Con Amore Handmade Italian Christmas Cookie Assortment Plate, the Fiasconaro Tradizionale Traditional Panettone or a selection of imported candy, such as a delicious assortment of Fiasconaro Assorted Sicilian Torroncini Torrone mini nougat bars. Make it a low-effort, no stress gift purchase by finding these all in an online gourmet food store and having them shipped directly to your recipients.

Pairings of gourmet food and wine also make for an excellent gift—you have many options, from thoughtful blends of wine with chocolate or traditional cheese and crackers. Since many of us have a lot of guests during the holiday season, and sometimes unexpected ones, gifts like these are much appreciated, as they can be easily served last minute without sacrificing elegance or indulgence.

Instead of sending the typical gift of fruitcake, take a different route with a unique find, such as a jar of Toschi Baba Mini Cakes in Rum, a Rustichella D’ Abruzzo Traditional Panettone Italian Christmas Cake or a Colavolpe Fig and Chocolate Panettone. For the meat lover, pair some fine cheese with imported salami.

Who knew that there were grocery stores in Sacramento that serve as your one-stop holiday shop? Get creative and send premium gifts like these to everyone on your list.

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