End of Summer BBQs With Gourmet Food and Wine

While no one wants to face it, the truth is that summer is nearly over. Many kids have gone back to school and weather is already starting to change. Why not celebrate the fun you had all season long with a barbecue complete with gourmet food and wine?

When you visit our gourmet food market, you will get lots of great ideas to tailor your soiree to you and your guests’ individual tastes and preferences. Fresh, delicious produce coupled with gourmet food and wine is the best way to create a memorable meal. Start by building a charcuterie tray. Choose some gourmet cheeses with a salame from the Columbus Salame company Artisan Collection or Galileo Premium. You can also create authentic bruschetta with Tutto Calibira Italian Bruschetta Seasoning Mix or serve Urbani Summer Truffles. Another impressive option is to serve some high-end crackers to set the stage for the gourmet meal to come. Some innovative choices include Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps in Rosemary Raisin Pecan, Salty Date and Almond, Fig and Olive or Cranberry Hazelnut.

Then browse our meats and deli section to find the most sumptuous cuts to serve at your end of the summer fete. Beef sliders with one of the many savory choices of barbecue sauces you can buy at our gourmet market will make your meal stand out. Grilled chicken is always a no-brainer, but why not add some flair with some of the unique seasonings we sell? The Pepper Plant offers some exciting options, such as Chipotle Sauce and Chunky Garlic Hot Pepper Sauce, as well as Original California BBQ Sauce. Lindberg – Snider Red Baron Barbecue Spice is another delicious choice. 

Give your meal a healthy touch with some delicious seasonal vegetables and some fruit for dessert.

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Father's Day: Gourmet Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner! It's just a few days away so if you haven't got Dad a gift, you've got just a few days left.  A unique idea that may not have crossed your mind is to visit your favorite online gourmet food store for a gift for Dad. It’s actually the perfect outlet to find the ideal gift! Taylor’s Market is not just about online gourmet food; we’ve got gift baskets, catering services, a meats and deli department to die for. We've also got hard-to-find wine and spirits that will blow the recipient away!

Our Sacramento gourmet food store is famous for its vast and varied selection. The next time you’re buying gourmet groceries online, take a look at our gift basket section for cool gift ideas. We’ve got great cheese baskets and a wide salami and sausage selection that is truly mouthwatering. Other online gourmet food items that make amazing gifts include seafood and caviar, desserts  and even drinkware, utensils and tools that will satisfy the gourmet aficionado. There is a reason our store is a favorite in the community—we give all our items and gifts personalized attention—this level of attention applies to our customers who buy gourmet groceries online as well.

Another great idea is to cook Dad a special gourmet dinner. You can do a special meal with lamb, specialty meats or one of our fine cuts of beef. We've got all the makings for the perfect charcuterie tray to start thngs off with and sweets like crisp almond cookies to finish things off. 

Over the next few weeks, we will give some more ideas for getting the men in your life the perfect gift, as well as the gifts to celebrate the rest of your loved ones. We want to be your favorite online gourmet food store and more. Click here to browse our amazing selection of gourmet groceries online.

Gourmet Chocolate Tasting

We’ve all tried gourmet food and wine tastings, but why not try something new and unique? Chocolate tasting is a great way to discover new flavors and textures and is an awesome way to enrertain with a twist.  With the wide variety of imported chocolates that can be found in both our Sacramento grocery store and online gourmet food store, creating an array of samples for a chocolate tasting is easy and fun. 

You can treat a chocolate tasting the same way you do a wine tasting or pairing. Like wine, chocolates have unique flavor profiles so go slowly and examine each piece and then savor every decadent bite. Notice each piece of chocolate’s aroma, flavor and texture.  Be sure to cleanse the palate in between each round so that you can enjoy dectecting the difference between each flavor. An apple wedge, warm water, unsalted cracker or piece of bread can eliminate the flavors from previous rounds.

Don't go too small on the servings; each piece of chocolate should be sizeable enough to accommodate the full evolution of each profile. Don't serve chocolate cold either--when it's cold, it hampers your ability to really experience and enjoy the flavor. You want each piece to melt in your mouth ever so slightly.

It’s probably best to choose around six types of chocolate from the selection available at our store. If you're having en event, you may want to take it to the next level by doing a chocolate and wine pairing. We have everything you need for unique, memorable pairings that provide an exciting experience for every palate. 

Our imported gourmet chocolates are also a great idea for gifts or pairing with our gourmet food and wine. Whether you’re searching for gourmet groceries online or simply looking for new ideas, Taylor’s Market has something new for you to try. Visit this link to discover some of our amazing online gourmet food items. 


A Gourmet Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to adult holiday gifts, you can never go wrong with gourmet food and wine. Whether your giftee is a gourmet aficionado or a novice to the epicurean world, a gift from Taylor’s Market makes the perfect gift. Even if you don’t have time to come into our store, we’ve got plenty of online stocking stuffers and items for gift baskets that will blow your friends and loved ones away.

For the dessert lover, we’ve got an array of sweet options. The Le Logge Panettone Basso Blue Foil Wrapped Italian Christmas Cake comes beautifully gift-wrapped, making it a deliciously easy gift. Taylor’s also carries festive cookies like the La Florentine assorted box set, with rich flavors such as lemon, orange and vanilla. Other popular sweets include Forno Bonomi Savoiardi Ladyfingers and Ghiott Ghiottini Crisp Almond Cookies.

For the wine connoisseur, we’ve got a stellar selection of fine chardonnays, merlots, pinot grigios—you name it. Pair a bottle with some of the fine artisanal cheeses and chocolate and you’ve got an awesome holiday gift basket.

If you’re shopping for the giftee who already has everything, a Taylor’s Market gift certificate or card gives them plenty of excellent options. We also offer classic and unique gift sets that satisfy even the most discerning foodies. A unique gift with gorgeous presentation is the Acetaia Leonardi Il Pregiato 10 Year Condimento Balsamic Vinegar Gift Box Set.

Another awesome gift idea is to put together all the makings of a charcuterie board for your giftee. Our selection features everything you need, such as Columbus Salame Molded V3 Wrap Stick, Creminelli Fine Meats Artisan Felino Salami 1 Stick Creminelli or Galileo Premium Italian Dry Salame. Other options include Palacios Spanish Chorizo Mild or Columbus Salame Company Italian or Genoa Salame.

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Thanksgiving With Gourmet Groceries

For a special Thanksgiving, why not set an amazing table filled with gourmet groceries? Start with a locally grown turkey from Taylor’s Market, made with a perfect traditional or cornbread stuffing. For a smaller table or if you want to prepare individual meals, try serving something out of the ordinary such as turkey breasts stuffed with prosciutto, basil and tomato.

Once you’ve made a decision on the type of turkey you’re going to serve, you’ll need to choose the gourmet food and wine to serve with it. Buttery mashed potatoes and stuffing are a no-brainer! Some other scrumptious choices include creamed spinach, candied yams, Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce.

Finding the right wine to serve with turkey is a mission that requires precision. There are many options for both red and white, but you’ll want to take the sides you’re serving into consideration. When you pair gourmet food and wine, keep the sweet and savory spectrum of the food that you’re serving in mind. For example, candied yams may be at the sweeter end, while garlic mashed potatoes or cranberry relish are at the other. Also make sure that the wine does not overpower the turkey’s flavor. If you can, head into a gourmet food market in advance and ask for help with choosing the right wine to serve with Thanksgiving dinner.

Your last step is to find which gourmet groceries to serve for appetizers and dessert. A charcuterie board with imported cheese or veggies with dip is ideal for serving before such a big meal.

For dessert, order a traditional pumpkin or apple pie, both of which you can get at a gourmet food market. You may want to add your own twist by serving another pie that goes well with the meal, such as chocolate bourbon pecan, minced meat or sweet potato meringue.

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Gourmet Wine & Chocolate for Halloween

Why not upgrade your Halloween this year with some gourmet food and wine? All you have to do is drop by our Sacramento grocery store and pick up a few gourmet groceries for some wine. You can also visit our online store for some impeccable chocolate to celebrate the holiday with. Grab some dark, milk and white chocolate and try a few of the combinations suggested below to add gourmet flair to the season.

Keep in mind that you may need to experiment to find the best pairings. A good rule of thumb is to keep the wine sweeter than the chocolate so that you can avoid clashing or actually bringing out the bitter notes. The stronger the chocolate is, the more full-bodied wine you’ll need to match it with. 

For example, a dark, bittersweet chocolate will bring out the tannins in a Cabernet Sauvignon. White chocolate is mellower than its darker counterparts, which makes it go well with Sherry or an Orange Muscat. These pairings also bring out the white chocolate’s creaminess. Ask the staff at our specialty grocery store for other suggestions to pair a buttery white chocolate with.

Milk chocolate goes well with a light-bodied Merlot or a Pinot Noir, such as a Leese - Fitch 2009 California Pinot Noir or MooBuzz 2008 Monterey Pinot Noir Rieslings. Muscats also do well with milk chocolate. Champagne makes another excellent, classic pairing that is a favorite among specialty grocery aficionados.

Wines with a roasted flavor tend to do best with dark and bittersweet chocolates. Try a rich Cabernet or a Zinfandel for an perfect coupling. Chocolate that is near the 55 percent cocoa mark will do well with a Merlot or Pinot Noir.  

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5 Fall Gourmet Food and Wine Pairings

Fall is around the corner—and as the leaves change color and the weather gets cooler, the seasonal fruits and vegetables also transition. It’s the ideal time to enjoy the flavorful produce available during this time of year and pair it with some of your favorite gourmet food and wine.

Many people look forward to the availability of fresh pumpkins in the fall—and not just for carving Jack-o’-lanterns. Try pairing pumpkin soup, risotto, baked stuffed pumpkin with roasted chicken or pumpkin pie with a Pinot Noir or spicy Pinot Gris from our Sacramento grocery store. The wine’s acidity will complement the pumpkin’s sweet taste.

Another superb pairing with Pinot Noir is wild mushrooms. The earthy flavor of wild mushrooms served with pasta is a great way to enhance a Pinot Noir’s spiciness.

Root vegetables are in their prime this season, and they pack a nutrient punch that makes them extremely healthy for life. Pair them with Viognier—its unique characteristics, such as its rich, creamy texture and vivid acidity, will go well with many entrees, soups and side dishes prepared with root vegetables.

If you would like to create a delicious gourmet food and wine pairing with Cabernet Sauvignon, try a dish with fresh rosemary, such as chicken, roasted potatoes or lamb served with rosemary mint jelly. The flavors from the rosemary will be enhanced by the earthy Cabernet.

An unexpected pairing that is quite popular at our Sacramento grocery store, especially during the holidays, is pears and sparkling wine. Pears are at their peak during Autumn, and their juicy sweetness goes perfectly with a sweeter style champagne, Prosecco or sparkling wine—opt for one that has “demi-sec” on the label. You can also try a delicious dessert that combines the two, such as Pears poached in Champagne or Prosecco with Poached Pears.

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Sunday Brunch With Gourmet Food and Wine

Nothing makes a Sunday morning like a hearty, delicious brunch with gourmet food and wine. It’s the perfect way to wile away a lazy day, celebrate the end of your weekend or nurse and eliminate a bad hangover. It can be a romantic date, a laid back gathering of friends or a formal celebration of holidays or commemorative events. Regardless of the reason behind it, Sunday brunch is a favorite of men and women across the globe.

Whether you crave maple drenched pancakes, savory waffles or Eggs Benedict, there is something in our selection of online gourmet food market for everyone. From international faire to the best components of an all-American eggs and bacon style meal, you’ll find the freshest, highest quality ingredients for whatever style brunch you plan to make at our gourmet food market.

If you like to buy your gourmet groceries online, there are also many options available on our website. If you’re feeling a bagels and lox kind of morning, try Sun Valley Smoked Salmon. These fresh, delicious boneless filets are lightly brined and created from salmon smoked over applewood. We also have all of the essentials to prepare a beautiful charcuterie platter, including smoked and cured meats, sausage, salami and more. If you want to serve french-inspired appetizers, our selection of pate is incredible. 

Our selection of online gourmet food also includes juices, cocoa, tea and an amazing array of coffee that are all perfect for Sunday brunch. Other gourmet food and wine ideas for adding to the perfect brunch include pairing some of our delicious fine wines with our imported cheeses like our selection of goat’s milk cheese, our Italian sampler made from sheep’s milk, or some of our to-die-for versions from Greece, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, England and Spain. Finish the meal off with cakes and cookies from our incredible assortment from all over the world.

Top 5 Fourth of July BBQ Foods

The 4th of July is here—are you read for to barbecue with a gourmet twist? If you’re like us, your holiday will be filled with delicious gourmet food and wine. Whether the meal you’re planning is more traditional or has a more unique flair, we bet you’ll have one of these popular items at your fete.

1. Hamburgers

This is a no-brainer, right? Hamburgers are an all-American dish that you can expect at almost any barbecue you attend. Add some flavor to your meal by getting some perfectly seasoned, pre-made patties from your favorite specialty grocery store. Buying pre-made hamburgers removes the stress you might have when you have to prepare several items at once.

2. Hot Dogs

These are another classic barbecue staple, at least when you’re celebrating an American holiday. Add some gourmet panache to your dogs with some Dijon mustard or other gourmet food that you can order online. You can also throw some interesting gourmet sausages into the mix for variety. Visit this link  for great hot dog sausages.

3. Lemonade

What barbecue on a summer day would be complete without some refreshing lemonade? Opt for a fresh blend and gives yours a kick with some blueberry, raspberry or strawberry juice for a unique flavor. Here’s a great tip that the staff of our specialty grocery store likes to share—add frozen cubes of lemonade to yours instead of regular ice so that your glasses stay cold but don’t get watered down.

4. Potato Salad

While you typically may not think of it as fitting into the specialty grocery category, think again. Your local gourmet store will have some spectacular renditions of this classic barbecue fare.

5. A Patriotic Cake

A dessert of red, white and blue is a definite must-have for a 4th of July barbecue. A red, white and blue cake is easy to find and festive. 

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Gourmet Fare for Your Summer Picnic

Summer is the perfect time of year to display your hosting flair with a memorable picnic or other outdoor fete complete with gourmet and wine. It's an easy way to add polish and panache to any meal. Whether you’re in the great outdoors or in the back yard, your picnic can exude the elegance of gourmet food.

gourmet food and wineFor those who are new to the gourmet game, planning a picnic or other outdoor feast may seem daunting. If you’re not quite at the aficionado stage, why not try browsing the selections in our online gourmet food store? This will give you some great ideas and open your mind to dishes that are easy to prepare without sacrificing an ounce of flair.

For an appetizer, you can serve some Matiz Gallego Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil or Adro Latvian Smoked Sprats Sardines on gourmet crackers. An imported cheese or charcuterie plate adds a conventional twist, and summer produce is always a no-brainer. You can’t go wrong with the amazing selection of summer produce available in our store. You can also serve something more exotic, such as Saaq’s Pistachio Liver Pate or Billot French Helix Escargot Snails.

If you plan on grilling, take it up a notch from typical hamburgers and hot dogs by serving more exotic fare such as Saaq’s Bavarian Bratwurst, Swiss Bockwurst or Evergoods Fine Foods Polish Sausage. Another unique item that is always a favorite is Saaq’s German Salami.

When it comes to gourmet wine and other beverages, your options are endless. If you’re local, come in to our store to browse our incredible selection of wines. For dessert, why not give a selection of cookies a more unique spin with choices such as Forno Bonomi Italian Amaretti Cookies or Cookies Con Amore handmade Italian cookies.

Click here for more fun and unique gourmet food and wine ideas for your summer fete.