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At Saag's, taste is everything. The craft of making delicious sausage and deli meats balances on two elements: the very best ingredients and skilled artisans in the kitchen. Saag’s has always depended on trained butchers and wurstmeisters to guide all aspects of making our products, from development to packaging. And after more than 70 years, we have no intention of changing our standards

What makes Saag’s® sausages and deli meats truly stand out is our meticulous selection of the best ingredients available. We buy meat from carefully chosen suppliers, local and regional when possible, who are dedicated to the same high quality standards that we are. We start with only fresh whole muscle meats, never ground meat or meat parts. All of the meat we use is inspected and meticulously trimmed. The exact same is true of our other ingredients: fresh whole, cracked or ground herbs and spices; fresh vegetables; dried fruits; and fresh eggs that we crack ourselves in the recipes that call for them. We do not use spice blends or spice extracts because we know our customers can taste the difference.

In a day when so much of our food is mass-produced, Saag’s maintains the tradition of handcrafted specialty meats and sausages, made by artisans who take pride in their work. While they may boast about the fine equipment and modern methods of refrigeration and transportation, it is our loyal adherence to the art itself that puts Saag’s in a special niche.

All of Saag’s specialty meats taste great because they are made in small batches from fresh ingredients – no artificial flavors, colors, fillers or extenders, and never any MSG. Saag's products come fully cooked, perfectly seasoned, naturally hickory smoked, and ready to use for meals and snacks. Saag’s makes traditional and poultry sausages; salamis and dry cured meats; luncheon meats and pates; and deli roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, roast turkey and smoked ham.

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