Castello di Volpaia

Giovanella Stianti-Mascheroni has been producing well-known Chianti Classico wines from her own vineyards in Radda in Chianti, one of the highest points of the famous wine region in Tuscany. The small hamlet looks medieval from the outside, but inside the buildings house the different parts of the winery and olive oil making facilities.

Deeper down at the bottom of the valley, Giovanella decided to turn an old farm building into the area’s one and only artisan vinegar producing facility. Because vinegar-making can be quite damaging to any wine cellar, the farmhouse is completely isolated and no other license has been issued ever since, making Volpaia’s vinegar a very unique product.

Giovanella has a wonderful garden all around the estate where she grows many types of flowers and vegetables to use in her kitchen since she is constantly entertaining guests from all over the world. In one of her farm-buildings she has built a large demonstration kitchen where she leads cooking classes to showcase her wines, extra virgin olive oil and vinegars. Giovanella’s creativity in the kitchen is best expressed with her infused vinegars, which she has developed for her pantry.

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Castello di Volpaia "Fresh" Flavored White Wine Vinegar 250ml Bottle

Tuscan White Wine Vinegar Infused with Fresh Herbs

Castello di Volpaia Flowers White Wine Vinegar 250ml Bottle

Flowers Infused Tuscan White Wine Vinegar

Castello di Volpaia Herb Red Wine Vinegar 250ml Bottle

Tuscan Red Wine Vinegar Infused with Herbs