Grilling Gourmet Style

Summer is here! It’s the perfect time to get out the grill, and start perfecting some recipes with gourmet food and wine. Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue, a 4th of July party or are just having dinner with your family or friends, you can make the most out of the season and your grill with a few simple techniques from the best gourmet food market in Sacramento.

Grilling is great for cooking tender cuts of beef, poultry, fish and vegetables. While traditional barbecuing is done at lower temperatures, resulting in a slow pace and plenty of smoke, grilling uses higher temperatures to sear the item you’re cooking and therefore maintain juiciness. Grilling is considered healthier because the heat causes the fat to drip into the fire. Start with a clean grill—you don’t want any remnants of your last meal to ruin the taste of your next one. Keep in mind that the best time to remove residue is directly after you finish grilling. Spray or brush the grill with vegetable oil before you heat it up to prevent anything from sticking. When you head to the gourmet food market to choose your cuts, select ones that are not too thick so that the outside doesn’t burn and give it an acrid taste. Why ruin some amazing gourmet food and the wine you bought to go along with it? The goal is to make dinner, not start a fire.

Make sure that the grill is hot before you start—experts recommend pre-heating it for 15 to 30 minutes before start cooking. If you’re grilling beef, you may want to cut off any excess fat. Season or marinade your cuts before grilling, and with chicken, pre-cook it beforehand to reduce grilling time. Bring all items to room temperature before your toss them on the grill.

Those are the basics for getting started. Click here to choose some delicious gourmet food and wine for your meal.

Healthy Gourmet Food and Wine

It’s that time of year—people all across the country are ramping up their workouts and revising their diets with the goal of getting in shape for spring and summer. While for some this means deprivation, if you’re a gourmet food and wine lover, you have plenty of options that won’t interfere with your plans to get fit and healthy.

Whether you like to shop for gourmet food online or prefer to head into a store, you can find lots of ways to satisfy your refined gourmet taste without compromising your diet plans. Fish is typically a good choice, as it is an excellent source of lean protein, which is an essential component of weight loss programs, and is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, aka “healthy fats.” Try grilling or braising salmon, ahi or halibut with low-fat marinades or recipes for sauces such as ginger and plum, lemon and dill, or lemon and cilantro.


One of the easy parts of shopping for your gourmet food online is that you can look up recipes while you simultaneously shop for the ingredients. However, some people prefer to visit the specialty grocery store, so they can actually look at the produce and meat selections in person. Either way, you can find the highest quality ingredients and get ideas for your next healthy meal. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of all the delicious spring produce available—you can make a refreshing salad or fruit bowl that will satisfy both your appetite and gourmet taste buds. Note: skip the fattening dressings and opt for a healthy, aged balsamic vinegar instead.

Some excellent suggestions for meals that some of our favorite gourmet food and wine aficionados shared with us include lentil and black bean salad, cucumbers with dill and Greek yogurt, roasted beets with fennel, halibut with cilantro ginger sauce, maple glazed salmon with lentils, salmon squash risotto, pumpkin-crusted trout, seared ahi with asparagus salsa and tuna with wasabi pea crust, among many others. Get creative and experiment with healthy gourmet recipes—you’ll never have to feel deprived again and will still fit into your bathing suit!

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Gourmet Food and Wine: The Alchemy of Wine

Taylor’s is very proud of our wine selection, both in-house and among our array of online gourmet food items. That’s why we are more than happy to share some tips with our customers on the joys of gourmet food and wine and what you can learn certain items over time. 

Wine doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive for it to be enjoyable—nor does it need to be kept or aged for a significant length of time. Any collector and gourmet grocery aficionado will tell you that while most wines can last for several years, they don’t necessarily improve with time. Those who are serious about wine will take the time to learn about the types that actually do get better over the years and which actually can last decades.

If you’re curious about making the most of high-end food and wine, then do some experimenting. For example, you can visit your local gourmet grocery store and pick up a case or two of wine. Store the bottles for a few years and perhaps sample one a year to see what changes about the contents. Whether it’s amazing one year and terrible the next, you’ll definitely learn something about the process. If you like to buy online gourmet food, you can always visit specialized sites to try different aged wines and learns about each. 

What happens to wine as its aged is a complex process that not everything is known about. As the wine molecules separate and break apart, others form long chains that can be so complex and heavy that they actually drop out as sediment. As the minute amount of air in the bottle dissolves into the wine, the acids and sugars transform and affect the flavor, aroma, texture and color.

Enjoy the experimentation, as no matter the age, the wine may taste different than it did the first time around. The alchemy of aging wine offers an incredibly enjoyable experience that can evoke nostalgia and memories of good times past. Savor it!

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Gifting with Gourmet Food and Wine

The holidays are the perfect time of year to show your friends, coworkers and loved ones your appreciation with the best gift possible—gourmet food and wine. You can actually fulfill all your business gifting needs as well in one trip to a gourmet food market, whether you’re shopping for your corporate clients, mom and pop vendors or any other type of business associates you need holiday gift ideas for.

Gourmet food baskets are always an excellent way to celebrate the holidays. You can buy pre-packaged baskets filled with classic gourmet items or tailor them specifically when you know the exact preferences of your recipients. It doesn’t matter if you browse some of the grocery stores in Sacramento or check out online gourmet food selections from the comfort of your own home—you will definitely get a ton of ideas! From baskets filled with chocolate, cakes and cookies from all over the world to spirits, gourmet waffles and aged balsamic vinegar, there is something for everyone in the gourmet world.

If you want to veer away from the traditional basket route, a selection of sweets can also be an awesome gift—try the Cookies Con Amore Handmade Italian Christmas Cookie Assortment Plate, the Fiasconaro Tradizionale Traditional Panettone or a selection of imported candy, such as a delicious assortment of Fiasconaro Assorted Sicilian Torroncini Torrone mini nougat bars. Make it a low-effort, no stress gift purchase by finding these all in an online gourmet food store and having them shipped directly to your recipients.

Pairings of gourmet food and wine also make for an excellent gift—you have many options, from thoughtful blends of wine with chocolate or traditional cheese and crackers. Since many of us have a lot of guests during the holiday season, and sometimes unexpected ones, gifts like these are much appreciated, as they can be easily served last minute without sacrificing elegance or indulgence.

Instead of sending the typical gift of fruitcake, take a different route with a unique find, such as a jar of Toschi Baba Mini Cakes in Rum, a Rustichella D’ Abruzzo Traditional Panettone Italian Christmas Cake or a Colavolpe Fig and Chocolate Panettone. For the meat lover, pair some fine cheese with imported salami.

Who knew that there were grocery stores in Sacramento that serve as your one-stop holiday shop? Get creative and send premium gifts like these to everyone on your list.

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Thanksgiving is coming!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  Are you ready?  We have all the fixings for a perfect Thanksgving dinner!  Local turkeys from Branigan's Turkey Farm, Heritage Turkeys from Mary's, plus our full offering in our Old Fashioned Butcher shop.  Need a pie?  Order yours now!  Our pastry chef has an assortment of pies and pastries available for the holiday!