Delicious Spring Produce From Our Gourmet Market

Spring is in full effect! That means that there is an even wider range of delicious produce available in both our gourmet food market and our online gourmet food shop. While winter veggies like kale, turnips and potatoes are still in delicious form, the spring fare will brighten up your meals and bring even more variety to your meals.

Here are a few delicious produce items to be on the lookout for in our gourmet food market:


The omega-3 fatty acid-packed babies are healthy and filling, making them a perfect choice for those striving for a healthy diet and weight loss. They are at peak ripeness this time a year and are delicious whether you toss them in salads, whip them into guacamole or eat them whole.


Crunchy and full of texture, these cruciferous veggies are fresh and tasty during springtime. Plus, radishes are loaded with vitamin C, fiber and glucosinolates. Eat them raw, sauté them with other veggies or slice them into slivers and toss them into a salad.


This is the time that strawberries turn sweet, so take advantage and turn them into an antioxidant-rich dessert or snack.


If only this healthy veggie was in season for a much longer time! One of the healthiest vegetables around, asparagus boasts a bevy of anti-inflammatory nutrients and phytonutrients, including vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and minerals such as manganese, zinc and selenium. Grill them with steak, salmon or tuna, or boil them and drizzle with lemon and butter or olive oil.

Spring Garlic

Toss it into soup, risotto and pasta, cook it with your favorite lean protein, and season all your favorite dishes with seasonal garlic, which is as its most subtle flavor this time of year.

Whether you buy your produce in our Sacramento store or our online gourmet food market, you can always count on the freshest, most delicious spring produce.

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Gourmet Food and Wine for Easter

Whether you visit Taylor’s Market online or in person, you’ll find classic and creative gourmet food and wine to spruce up your holiday meal. If you choose to serve a traditional Easter dinner, we have a bevy of scrumptious specialty grocery entrees to choose from. If you’re feeling traditional, try serving a Saag’s Virgina Baked Ham or one of Branigan’s delicious Free Range Turkeys. For a different spin, opt for Taylor's True Dry Aged Prime Rib or one of our USDA Choice Rib Eye Steaks. Either way, there will be happy guests and hopefully some tasty leftovers!

Visit the spring produce section of our gourmet food market to find the makings for some memorable side dishes. You can find fresh potatoes to mash or scallop, sweet potatoes, corn, salad greens and everything you need for creamed spinach. You may also want to choose something from our incredible selection of cheese for a charcuterie board to start the meal right.

For dessert, browse our incredible array of cakes and other sweets that will taste perfect served with gourmet coffee and tea. Don’t forget another important element of a holiday meal: a gourmet selection of wine. We’ve got some perfect chardonnays, pink rose and swanky white wines that will go beautifully with your meal. In addition, we have some sultry reds, Pinot Noirs, Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignon that are to die for and make a perfect gift.

If you’re joining someone else’s dinner and would like to bring a beautiful gift in addition to wine, look no further than our gourmet food market. We offer an amazing array of cookies and desserts, such as Cookies Con Amore Handmade Jelly Filled Walnut Italian Thumbprint Cookies, Forno Bonomi Italian Amaretti Cookies, La Biscotteria Dark Chocolate Dipped Anise Biscotti or La Florentine Torrone.  

Click here to browse Taylor's Market full selection of gourmet food and wine and unique gifts for Easter. Buona Pasqua, Happy Easter!

Welcome Spring with Gourmet Meals

Spring is officially here! This means there are plenty of reasons to celebrate with barbecues and outdoor fetes, with gourmet food and wine on the menu, of course. Whether you plan a seasonal wine pairing or al fresco entertaining, our market has what you need to make your gourmet food menu a standout.

It’s the perfect time of year for a garden party, especially if you want to show off your spring landscaping. Why not throw an outdoor luncheon for a bridal shower, birthday event or just to celebrate the season? Couple platters of delicious seasonal produce and finger sandwiches along with gourmet food and wine items such as foie gras, pate, Arugula salad and tea. Send guests home with Ghiott Ghiottini al Cacao Biscotti or imported Italian cookies such as Amaretti Del Chiostro Autentici Amaretti Cookies–they both make amazing party favors.

With Easter around the corner, it’s an ideal time to brainstorm ideas for brunch. Take a walk through our market to search for gourmet meals food and ideas that will inspire an unforgettable menu. For example, a perfect way to lighten up the menu is with a spinach and strawberry salad to start, a light spring pasta with smoked salmon and vegetables as an entrée, and sorbet served with berries and fruit for dessert. Or you can always stick to the traditional route with Taylor’s Market Beef Kabobs or Saag's Black Forest Ham as an entrée. Blow even the most discerning gourmet meals taste buds with caviar and specialty meats as starters for any menu!

If Easter candy isn’t your thing, serve one of our gourmet fruit baskets or make a delicious pastry with Clearbrook Farms Vanilla Tart Filling. When it comes to drinks, there are so many great seasonal wines to choose from that will go with any spring menu, from California Chardonnays and swanky white wines to a pink rose or dessert wine. The options are unlimited, so have fun while you’re planning!

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3 Reasons Online Gourmet Food Stores Rock

Even when you have an awesome specialty grocery store in your neighborhood that you’re a regular at, there are benefits to being able to order some of your food items online as well. It can be a supplement to your weekly shopping trips and save you time when you forget something and don’t realize it until you’re already home.

There are many life circumstances that can necessitate having to order online gourmet food from online gourmet food stores, but once you do, you’ll be hooked. Check out the three reasons that customers cite for ordering many of their specialty grocery items online.

1. You can purchase those hard to find items online

Even the best gourmet grocery store may not carry that imported cheese you discovered on your trip to Tuscany or that balsamic vinegar you tried in the French Alps. Or if they do carry those obscure but delicious products, they may often be sold out due to the popularity of the item. When you do some of your shopping online, you can plan ahead to get your fix of those gourmet food items you crave,

2. When time is an issue

There are many times in life when we are overwhelmed with things to do or are ill or recovering from an injury. When you have the option to shop online, it can reduce the stress of your to-do list and make sure that your family’s healthy diet isn’t compromised.

3. You can handle things when you’re sick or on vacation

While you can’t do your job when you’re sick or out of town on a sun worshipping vacation, you can make sure that you always come home to a well-stocked kitchen when you buy gourmet food online, and that the kids, your significant other and even your pets are happy and well fed. Visit this link to browse the fabulous items on our online gourmet food stores.

Chocolate and Wine Pairing for Valentine’s Day

online gourmet food marketValentine’s Day is on the horizon, which makes it the perfect time to visit our Sacramento gourmet food store to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Or if you prefer to purchase gourmet groceries on our website, we’ve got an array of online gourmet food that will provide for an awesome romantic evening for you and your partner.

A Perfect Valentine's Evening

Gourmet food and wine is a no-brainer for setting up the perfect Valentine’s evening. Try a pairing of chocolate and wine—they are natural companions as they both have complex flavors and notes, as well as similar components and nuances. You can follow the same type of process as you would if you were doing a wine or chocolate pairing individually. We have everything you need at our store or in our online gourmet food market.

To get started with pairing these gourmet food and wine items, here are a few easy-to-follow guidelines. You’ll want to pair lighter chocolates with lighter wines and darker chocolates with full-bodied wines. In the session itself, you’ll want to start with light and move towards dark in your tasting sessions.

Ideal Pairings

The best pairings for semi-sweet chocolate include Zinfandel, Tawny Port, Syrah, Armagnac and Cognac. Perfect matches for darker chocolates include well-aged Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir or Sangiovese reds. You can also try a Merlot, Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc, and note that dessert wines are other great matches for darker chocolate. 

A cool thing about pairing these types of gourmet groceries is that darker wines and darker chocolates are packed with antioxidants, which are lauded for their benefits against disease and for anti-aging. Antioxidants are molecules that fight and neutralize the oxidants and free radicals that enter our body from smoke inhalation, pollution, overexposure to sun, alcohol, eating fatty foods and exposure to radiation levels. Who knew that such an indulgent evening could be so beneficial to our health?

Come in and sample some of our gourmet groceries to find all the perfect elements for your Valentine’s day chocolate and wine pairing.

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Balsamic Vinegar—the Ultimate in Gourmet Food and Wine

Balsamic vinegar can make the most out of so many gourmet food and wine specialties. The delicious flavor enhancements it offers, coupled with the many health benefits it brings to the table makes it an absolute staple of any gourmet grocery pantry. What other food item is a natural disinfectant that is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus? It’s good for the cardiovascular system and is low in sodium, fat and cholesterol.

Whether you’re an online cuisine aficionado or simply like to dabble, it takes some knowledge to use balsamic to its fullest, most delicious potential. While it can be paired with a wide variety of items and prepared many ways, there are some standard guidelines that can help make it easy to use balsamic with an array of gourmet food and wine.

Making the Most of Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic should never be boiled, in order to preserve its unique aroma, and should be added to gourmet grocery items in small quantities. It’s best served cold, and is typically drizzled over foods in small amounts. For serving at the table, it’s best to have a small decanter.

There is a variety of specialty grocery items that balsamic can be paired with. It’s amazing with duck breast or pate, Carpaccio, fish, meat, beef, parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano and pumpkin soup. It’s even great as a dessert when drizzled over ice cream or ripe fruit. There are also quite a few cocktails that can be made with balsamic—martinis are a great example.

Where to Buy the Best Balsamic Vinegar

Choosing balsamic from an online gourmet food store is just as safe as buying it in a store. Most brands of balsamic have an infinite shelf life, even once opened. It should be stored at room temperature—not in the refrigerator.

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Holiday Gifting with Gourmet Food and Wine

The holidays are the perfect time of year to show your friends, coworkers and loved ones your appreciation with the best gift possible— gourmet food and wine. You can actually fulfill all your business gifting needs as well in one trip to a gourmet food market, whether you’re shopping for your corporate clients, mom and pop vendors or any other type of business associates you need holiday gift ideas for.

Gourmet food baskets are always an excellent way to celebrate the holidays. You can buy pre-packaged baskets filled with classic gourmet items or tailor them specifically when you know the exact preferences of your recipients. It doesn’t matter if you browse some of the grocery stores in Sacramento or check out online gourmet food selections from the comfort of your own home—you will definitely get a ton of ideas! From baskets filled with chocolate, cakes and cookies from all over the world to spirits, gourmet waffles and aged balsamic vinegar, there is something for everyone in the gourmet world.

If you want to veer away from the traditional basket route, a selection of sweets can also be an awesome gift—try the Cookies Con Amore Handmade Italian Christmas Cookie Assortment Plate, the Fiasconaro Tradizionale Traditional Panettone or a selection of imported candy, such as a delicious assortment of Fiasconaro Assorted Sicilian Torroncini Torrone mini nougat bars. Make it a low-effort, no stress gift purchase by finding these all in an online gourmet food store and having them shipped directly to your recipients.

Pairings of gourmet food and wine also make for an excellent gift—you have many options, from thoughtful blends of wine with chocolate or traditional cheese and crackers. Since many of us have a lot of guests during the holiday season, and sometimes unexpected ones, gifts like these are much appreciated, as they can be easily served last minute without sacrificing elegance or indulgence.

Instead of sending the typical gift of fruitcake, take a different route with a unique find, such as a jar of Toschi Baba Mini Cakes in Rum, a Rustichella D' Abruzzo Traditional Panettone Italian Christmas Cake or a Colavolpe Fig and Chocolate Panettone. For the meat lover, pair some fine cheese with imported salami.

Who knew that there were grocery stores in Sacramento that serve as your one-stop holiday shop? Get creative and send premium gifts like these to everyone on your list.

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Thanksgiving Gourmet Wine Pairing

Whether you’re a gourmet food and wine aficionado or just love good food, you probably are excited about Thanksgiving Day. However, many people get stressed about preparing the meal and making sure everything turns out right. The last thing anyone wants to worry about is pairing the right wine with their Turkey Day feast. To make it easier, we’re sharing a few suggestions for wine pairing with the smorgasbord ahead.

If you would like gourmet wine pairing or to serve an American wine with your holiday dinner, here are a few ideas. For red lovers, your best bet may be a Pinot Noir, since it’s softer on the palate and lighter than deeper choices, such as a Merlot or a Cab. Try one from California or Oregon for an earthy, delicious pairing with your turkey. Leese - Fitch 2009 California Pinot Noir, MooBuzz 2008 Monterey Pinot Noir 750ml 6 Pack and Pennywise 2009 Pinot Noir are all excellent choices.

If you prefer a white wine, opt for a full-bodied version to go with the rich Thanksgiving meal. California Chardonnays with some oak will stand up nicely to your creamy sides, such as mashed potatoes or sweet potato casserole. If oak is not your thing, choose a white with a citrusy fruit taste. Some great options are MooBuzz 2009 Monterey Chardonnay, Pennywise 2008 Chardonnay, Hey Mambo2008 Chardonnay or the Leese - Fitch 2008 California Chardonnay.

If you really prefer a lighter-bodied white, select one with notes of flowers and citrus to provide contrast to the meal, such as a dry Riesling. An interesting but good choice for those with a sweet tooth is Hey Mambo 2009 Swanky White Wine, which blends flavors of lemon, lime zest and tangerine sorbet.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Click here to learn more about our awesome gourmet food and wine store in Sacramento.

Gourmet Halloween Treats

One of the most fun and exciting holidays of the year is here! Why not celebrate Halloween treats gourmet style? In one visit to a gourmet food market, you can add some festive flair to holiday parties or even just your family dinner.

If you’re thinking about giving some gifts to your loved ones, then consider making a Halloween gift basket filled with gourmet food and wine. Instead of junk food, add some gourmet popcorn and imported chocolates to bring a little sophistication to the standard trick-or-treat candy.

Another great gift idea for the Halloween season that doesn’t have to include gourmet food and wine is a chocolate and coffee basket. Imported chocolates and gourmet coffee, tea and hot chocolate make for the perfect combination this time of year.  Some Italian cookies are also a great way to stray for the norm while stiff offering a gift of sweets.

If you have an office party, come in to our gourmet food market for some ideas of what to bring. Instead of regular sodas, try something unique and refreshing, like River City Blueberry Lemonade soda.

If you’re having you’re a Halloween party at your house, set up a platter of gourmet groceries: try some delicious fall produce, imported cheese, Saag's Pistachio Liver Pate and an array of whole wheat crackers. Bring out some unique baked goods or discover a strong chocolate and wine pairing to tantalize your guest’s taste buds.

Don’t stop at the selection of gourmet groceries and sweets—set up a spooky table by draping black velvet or taffeta over the table, and use dark flowers for decoration such a black dahlias or calla lilies. Be sure to stock up on some dark beverages such as red wine, and if you’re feeling really daring, make some black vodka martinis. Throw in some skull candles and you’ve got an entirely new type of Halloween fete.

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Tailgating with Gourmet Food and Wine

Tailgating with Gourmet Food and WineFootball season is here—that means tailgating, BBQs and lazy Sundays. While these affairs are usually pretty casual and laid back, with some gourmet food and wine, the whole experience can be taken to entirely new levels.  Enjoying the company of friends, family and your favorite team, combined with excellent food and drinks, makes game day one that everyone looks forward to.

At a visit to one of your favorite gourmet grocery stores or our online gourmet food store, upgrade your tailgate party with some upscale munchies. Let the imported beer flow alongside some popcorn, chips and dips, but also break out some gourmet food and wine and team-color cocktails. Give the chip tray a different spin by adding some black bean, white bean, seven-layer, three cheese or blue cheese dip.

Up the ante on the appetizer platter—add some hummus and pita, sliced veggies, shrimp cocktail and devilled eggs. You can also serve water table crackers with some scrumptious cheese balls. Another favorite appetizer is spinach dip, which can be served with chips as well as bread.
For a wide selection of goodies for the grill, visit one of your favorite gourmet grocery stores for your traditional burgers, steaks, hot dogs and chicken. You can also change it up as with some bratwurst, pork ribs, ahi and salmon.

Grill up some fresh vegetables like corn on the cob, bell peppers and asparagus. If there are any vegetarians in attendance at your shindig, you can grill up a veggie burger or some larger Portabello mushrooms to make faux burgers with.

For dessert, try something fun like sports-themed sugar cookies frosted in team colors or traditional favorites like chocolate chip cookies. Other no-brainers are team spirit cupcakes, peanut brittle and some specialty brownies—there are plenty of choices you can find in our selection of online gourmet food.

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